Makeup for super cheap

If your like me and go through so much makeup that you buy it a lot more regularly than you should, then take a look at this incredible website that I’ve found. It’s legit as I know a lot of people that have ordered from there and the products are as they are featured on the site.

Cosmetics Fairy

You can get some really good bargains on here, like really good. And the best thing about it is that delivery is free when you spend over £15 and I know that free delivery is a win win situation for people.

Here are 2 of my top picks. Check out this eye shadow for 75p, the colour is perfect for any occasion! It’s L’Oreal too well so it’s a make that you can trust.

Here’s another one from L’Oreal. This colour is beautiful and will surely stand out for spring, it can also be used either day or night.

There are a hell of a lot more choice so why don’t you check the website out for yourself and let me know what you think of the products.

Thanks guys


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